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Writing in the modern day, education, occupation, and experiences from this side of the blank page.

Why I Turned Down a Publishing House

The road to publishing is full of disappointment, but every now and then, you get to be on the opposite side of a rejection letter. Trust me, it feels good.

Why Are There Dragons in My Cafe?

If you read my first blog An Introduction in Five Titles, you may have noticed that four out of five of the books I mentioned fall under speculative fiction, or narrative fiction with supernatural or futuristic elements. 1984 could be counted among these, though personally I classify it as dystopian, not speculative… Though, I suppose, … Continue reading Why Are There Dragons in My Cafe?

An Introduction in Five Titles

In school, we announce our name, our favorite subject, and a “fun” fact. At work, it’s a gradual handing out of our favorite movies, family life, and inappropriate stories over coffee in the break room. In bars, it’s stolen glances, slurred whispers, secrets and lies. But on the internet, you can introduce yourself anyway you … Continue reading An Introduction in Five Titles

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