About Jaclyn J. Reed

I write…

a little bit of everything.

In June 2020, I received my MFA after defending my manuscript, And Otherwise Defective; a collection of short literary and speculative fiction that’s still a work in progress. Several stories, including “Living with Crows,” “Blank Spaces,” and “Black Holes,” have been published individually. The rest are floating around or being reworked, continuing to take shape as I do.

Post-COVID, I’ve found it difficult to write about the world without being out in it. I spend a lot of time in the same walls, looking at the same screens; I read more emails than books, pace more around my head than I do around the apartment. This introspection’s translated into poetry and lyrical essays, like “I Think I’ll Miss Us.”

Appeared in After Happy Hour, Prime Number Magazine, The Write Launch, The Sunlight Press, and Northern Appalachia Review, among others

The Basics

Bachelor’s in Writing & English Literature from the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown
Masters of Fine Arts in Writing from Carlow University [Carlow University in Pittsburgh, PA | Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland]
Married my high school sweetheart just before the whole world went to shit COVID hit
Mother to Johnny (boisterous green-cheeked conure) & Artemis (formerly of the Steelton, PA cat colony)
Born & raised in Central Pennsylvania
Currently occupying a small space across the way from Hershey’s Reese’s factory
Working full-time for an e-commerce solutions & technology company

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