Short & Flash Fiction

“Living with Crows,” Crow & Cross Keys
“In Nomine Patris,” Northern Appalachia Review
“Black Holes,” Adelaide
“Blank Spaces,” After Happy Hour Review
“Family Roots,” Prime Number Magazine
“Yearling,” The Write Launch
“Spoons,” Rune
“Escaped Ghosts,” Open Minds Quarterly
“Blackberry Moonshine,” Mind Murals
“My Dearest Bystanders,” Backroads
“He Kindly Stopped for Me,” Mind Murals
“Three Diamonds,” Mind Murals
“Living with Shadows,” Backroads

Creative Nonfiction

“I Think I’ll Miss Us,” The Sunlight Press
“More Than a Handful,” Backroads
“The Problem with What They Tell Us About Mental Health Medication,” The Mighty


“Speaking of Sadness,” Backroads
“Falling for You,” Backroads
“Slave to the Free,” Backroads
“I Saw the Trees on Fire,” UPJ Bio-Diversity Website

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